Image capture by Bobbie Elaine

Image capture by Bobbie Elaine

Welcome Friends!! It’s so wonderful to see you here! We are
The dreamers and heart beats behind Wingtips Photography. We are based out of Calgary and Medicine Hat AB, coming together to shoot your special days.

“So you're a team?”
You bet we are! Between the two of us we have 11 years experience in the photography world. That translates to a lot of learning and growth. It also means a LOT of weddings, AMAZING people, and a fair amount of know how. We recognize the value and potential we have as team extends far past what we could ever achieve on our own. This new joint venture is a breath of fresh air for the Wingtips brand. Together, we have the freedom to dream past our own limitations. We’re SO excited about it!

As a team we are able to weave among a wedding day capturing the fleeting moments quietly and the planned moments intentionally. By playing off one another’s creativity and strengths we get to give YOU our very best from start to finish.

Our Heart:
We are both lighthearted, quick to laugh, and mildly ridiculous. With some gentle guidance, we’ll help you look your best, while cultivating an atmosphere of comfort and fun so you can be you. Without disregarding our own love for creatively staged art, we acknowledge that balance is so important. Instead of posing the joy out of your day, we want to enhance it.

Sure, we love capturing beautiful things and all the details that go into making a wedding day something special. But even more than that we love to serve and encourage people. We seek to make friends, enjoy some laughs, and most importantly help people see their value. We hold the importance of experience near and dear to our hearts. It’s your love, your story, and your connections. Our highest priority is to document that for you in a beautiful way.


What's up with Wingtips?

Aaah, so glad you asked! Wingtips are the classic Oxford style shoe, identified particularly by the elegant "W" swoop and punctured leather patterns. Back in the 1800's the shoe was originally designed for hunters and adventurers. Over the years the style has been refined and adapted into a wardrobe staple for men and women alike. Easily dressed up or down, they're a well known and well loved classic that always add a touch of polish to an outfit. We are branded as Wingtips Photography for a few reasons:

1. I (Rachel) simply adore them and wear them nearly daily. They make me happy! Odds are if you're wearing a pair, I will notice and compliment them. I also wore a pair of wingtip heels to my very own wedding (and no one was surprised). 

2. They boast confidence and elegance. Our brand reminds us to strive for excellence, so that we can represent it with the grace and beauty it deserves. 

3. Our hope is that, just like the history of the shoe, our work and this company can continue to be refined and cultivated over the years to come. Classic. Adaptable. Beautiful

...those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.
— Isaiah 40:31