Self Portrait

Hi, I'm Rachel Senneker

And I'm very glad you're here. Let's be friends! I'll start. I'll break it down for you on a few levels so you can get to know different parts of me and my business. Feel free to wander, take a peek around, and check out the blog!

So you're a photographer? 

Yes. Yes I am. I've been dabbling in photography for about 7 years now, learning along the way by experimenting and practicing with kind individuals who gave me a chance even when I sucked. I had the wonderful opportunity of second shooting for several wedding photographers. My confidence and abilities grew to the point where I was ready to take the leap and make a go of it myself in 2015. And let me tell you, it has been a crazy time! I've been challenged, and surprised, and thrilled in so many ways.

My ultimate goal as a photographer isn't so much taking epic shots in front of waterfalls (although if you want to take me there, I'd happily oblige.) Rather I am a people person. I seek to make friends, enjoy a few laughs, and most importantly help people see their value. Simply said, people inspire me. Their faces intrigue me, their love encourages me, and their beauty astounds me. Even while in art classes at high school, I was never truly content until I was sketching the faces of people. Portrait photography was a natural choice for me, and I am forever growing and learning.

My approach to shooting is fairly causal. I don't have a step by step plan, because I feel like that puts me in a box. It's far more fun to adventure, explore, chase light and create together. I gently direct and guide, but the ultimate goal is to cultivate an atmosphere of comfort and fun so you can be you. "Coached candids" could be a title you could slap on it if you're into titles. I count it to be both an honour and a challenge to capture people authentically. I truly believe it is nothing short of a privilege for people to be vulnerable and share connection in front of my lens.


What's up with Wingtips?

Aaah, so glad you asked! Wingtips are the classic Oxford style shoe, identified particularly by the elegant "W" swoop and punctured leather patterns. Back in the 1800's the shoe was originally designed for hunters and adventurers. Over the years the style has been refined and adapted into a wardrobe staple for men and women alike. Easily dressed up or down, they're a well known and well loved classic that always add a touch of polish (shoe polish of course) to an outfit. I branded myself as Wingtips Photography for a few reasons:

1. I simply adore them and wear them nearly daily. They make me happy! Odds are if you're wearing a pair, I will notice and compliment them. I also wore a pair of wingtip heels to my very own wedding (and no one was surprised). 

2. They boast confidence and elegance. My brand reminds me to strive for excellence, so that I can represent it with the grace and beauty it deserves. 

3. My hope is that, just like the history of the shoe, my work and my company can continue to be refined and cultivated over the years to come. Classic. Adaptable. Beautiful

Who ARE you?
On a more personal "who they heck are ya?" level: I'm a food driven, animal adoring, beauty seeking girl just waiting to see where the Lord takes me. I tend to love a little sarcastic banter, am quick to smile, and get a little more crazy and animated when I'm behind my camera. Daniel is my handsome husband and best friend who is chasing his own passions and dreams in the musical world. When we're not in business mode we are fairly lame, but in just the right way. A night at home with a cup of tea is just as lovely to us as a night out with friends. I work part time as a barista in a coffee shop surrounded by people that are more like family than actual co-workers. I try and make a point of supporting local or small businesses, because I place a great deal of value on supporting peoples dreams. If you told me 2 years ago I'd be a full time wedding photographer and a wife I would have laughed in your face. But God's pretty amazing. I most certainly don't have it all figured out, but this I know: 

...those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.
— Isaiah 40:31