Gabrielle + Springtime Blooms Rooftop Session

This beautiful flowering tree grows right outside my bedroom. The only way to access it is to crawl through the window onto the roof of the building next door (shhhh). This "patio" as we affectionately refer to it has special meaning to me, as it just happens to be the place where my now husband proposed to me just under a year ago. When spring time rolled around, I was blown away by how this tree flourished and simply knew that I needed to capture the beauty before it was too late. However, I find that a joyful soul makes even the most beautiful scenery that much better. Which brings me to Gabrielle. She's a stunner, a trend setter, a bundle of laughs and a ray of sunshine. We grabbed some tasty iced matcha from Station Coffee Co and spent the afternoon amongst the flowers. Take a peek, and bask in the memories of spring time.