A Creative Refreshing: Featuring Life With Fawn

Welcome friends, I'm so very glad you've found this. It's a bit of a longer post, but I urge you to push past my whining until the end. Perhaps you'll relate a little, and trust me when I say there's purpose to my rant. I just need to set the stage and be honest with you first.  -Rachel

If you're anything like me, you're a creative living in the prairies of Canada, and you know that winter seems to be a forever season of brown. It's cold, it's barren, it's void of creative inspiration. Granted, there's the odd beautiful snow fall and cozy festiveness that comes with that, but for the most part I always find myself facing a solid 6 or 7 months of heaviness and boredom. It drains me like nothing else (creatively, mentally, even physically), and it even tends to make me a little bitter toward my completely lovely home.  Lately (as per usual) I've been scrolling through the throngs of imagery on Instagram from my favourite photographers across the globe. I look to them for inspiration, and vision and to help give me things to work toward BUT right now I'm finding that the constant flood of beautiful imagery draws forth more self doubt and dare I say jealousy than it does personal drive. Why can't I live where there's year round colour? Why can't I wander over to the nearest waterfall or gorgeous foggy coastline? Why can't I go outside without slipping on the ice and ripping my favourite pants? I even went as far as to delete the darn app right off my phone for the last 2 weeks, and I can honestly say I didn't miss it much. If I had the choice I'd likely disappear from social media altogether for the foreseeable months, but anyone and their dog will tell me that in order for this business to work, I need to maintain an online presence. However, I also need to maintain a healthy level of sanity and self value, and winter has only just begun... WHICH MEANS I need to start creating some content to give me motivation for this season, and hopefully can also inspire you a tad. We need a little refreshing.

artist-house-bohemian-eclectic-vintage-style-interior-design -5.jpg

When a good friend of mine approached me with the idea to document her painting process I felt a little excitement bubble up inside. You see, Stefani (Life with Fawn) is a walking, talking, breathing, living piece of inspiration. The art she creates and the life she leads is always teeming with joy and love. Everything she touches transforms into something beautifully eclectic and entirely original. She follows the Lord with reckless abandon, and her creative spirit is alive and well in all she does. I knew that some time spent with her would be just the ticket to help me with my mood. We settled on a day, and the morning of the shoot was bright and crisp and sparkling with snow. (Good game winter, one point for you)

I followed her up the stairs to her apartment and right away she admitted to me she was in a strange mood, feeling a little down and hadn't been able to shake it. Now, this is going to sound a little heartless, but heres the truth: that was the best thing she could have said. I didn't need her to be in the highest of spirits or for her to feel the need to plaster on a fake smile for the sake of a photoshoot. I needed her to be real and vulnerable. I needed to see how she pushed through how she was feeling to create anyway. So we dove in together that morning, with the simple desire to express ourselves in the ways God has designed us for.

As her brush danced among the colours, the sound of my shutter and worship music filled the room, and I do believe we managed to reveal the joy and gladness that was present. Looking back on these photos, it's fairly obvious that neither season nor mood had much power over us that day and I'm thankful beyond words to have shared it with such a wonderful artist. 


 I need more of this in my life this winter and may I be so bold as to say so. do. you. I'm going to deem January, February, and March as months designated for Creative Refreshment Sessions. If you're a creative I really want to capture you doing your thing. I'm talking to Painters, Sculptors, Florists, Bakers, Woodworkers, Musicians, Song-writers, Authors, Poets, Fashion designers, Baristas or whatever else you might do with your two hands. I want to join you in your workspace, (or we can stage an appropriate setting) so that we can get motivated and inspired together. We'll probably even have a little fun. Who knows, maybe we'll end up laughing on the floor! Let's make winter a season of refreshing here in Canada. 

Creative Refreshment Session
---Documentary/Lifestyle photographic approach---
---Capturing you and your art simply and honestly---
---Creating you content for advertising or personal keepsake---
---Mini portrait session/headshots included---
Starting at $250

For I have derived much joy and comfort from your love, my brother, because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed through you.
— Philemon 1:7